Mother’s Day Activities in Lakewood and Cleveland

Lucy McIntire

Lakewood offers tons of fun springtime activities. And with Mother’s Day fast approaching, why not find something fun to do in Lakewood with your mom?

Start the day off with brunch: there are tons of great brunch places to go to in Lakewood:

  • Blackbird Bakery offers a great selection of pastries, coffees, and teas
  • The Borderline Cafe serves delicious brunch foods inspired by southwestern flavors
  • The Place to Be offers all the classics: pancakes, bagels, and more
  • Brewella’s has a small variety of tasty crepes and coffees
  • Gray Dog Dinner also serves all the classics
  • And many other restaurants that known for their dinner food also serve brunches: Deagan’s, Buckeye Beer Engine, Rood, and even Barrio are among them
  • You could even make a trip to the West Side Market in Cleveland a sample a variety of foods from stands there

After brunch, maybe take sometime to enjoy nature. See the view the Solstice Steps offer, or go to the Valley and enjoy a hike. Or maybe enjoy one of Cleveland’s Museums. The Natural History Museum, the Botanical Gardens, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or smaller museums in Cleveland are all great options.

After a nice dinner, you could finish the day off with a movie. Maybe go back to the classics: rewatch one of your and your mom’s favorite movies.