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    Exercising Her Rights or a Disturbance?

    Exercising Her Rights or a Disturbance?

    In Pennsylvania, a cheerleader recently received punishment for something that we have all done at some point on social media. She expressed herself using a couple of swear words. The fact that she is being taken to court has brought attention to the question of what our limitations are with free speech as an American.

    The reason for these swear words being said was that the cheerleader did not make the varsity-level cheer squad. She got put on JV, and this caused her to express her anger on social media. She used swear words that were not directed towards any people or institutions, just towards the general sport of cheerleading, and softball.

    As Americans, we have the right to express how we feel as long as it isn’t destructive to others. Her speech on social media included swear words, but it wasn’t destructive to others. It was simply shaming two sports and the morals behind them. And since a sport is not a person, this case should prove nothing but innocence for this young lady.

    When asked what he thought on the case, Sean Teets, a senior at Lakewood High School, said ” I feel as if she is one of many. So many people that aren’t student athletes do this all the time, so how is it fair to punish her? It really seems like institutions are holding student athletes to higher standards than the average student.”

    Our basic rights as Americans are important, and the future of them are being determined as we speak. If her speech is considered destructive, our future abilities of expression will soon be limited.

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