Target Drops Mask Mandate

Ayden Wacker

Target has always been one of the hottest spots to get whatever you need. They have groceries, they have clothing, they have house items, they even have technology. Since it is such a hot spot, it is a big deal that Target just announced that they are no longer requiring people to wear masks in their stores all throughout Ohio.

If a place like Target can drop a mask mandate, then we are in high progression. A place so utilized like Target, is always full of customers walking in and out. And if they feel it is safe enough to not require a mask in an area like that, then other places that currently require masks should be dropping this mandate soon also.

Another reason for Target doing this is because of their available vaccine appointments inside their store. They are also offering Lyft rides to go there if it is for the vaccine. Target feels that since the cases have dropped by a huge margin and they are providing an opportunity for a vaccine, it is safe enough to not require masks.

When asked about this mask drop, Logan Mitchell, a senior at Lakewood High School, said “I am really glad they dropped the mask mandate because it lets me know that we are getting there. I have lived in fear this past year and figuring out that somewhere like Target isn’t requiring masks, means that I can finally feel some relief.”

Seeing Target drop this mandate is a huge sign of hope. This can only mean that more stores will also drop the mandate in the future.