Picnics In Public Parks

Picnics In Public Parks

Shahd Abouelmagd, Entertainment Reporter

Having a picnic in a public park is a very good idea; entertainment almost for free. You do not have to pay a lot of money to have fun. How do you have a wonderful picnic ? How do you enjoy the time with family or friends?

You should arrange with your family or your friends an appropriate day to go on a picnic. Always go on a picnic with people you like and enjoy spending time with.

First of all, you should pick the right spot. Choose a nice place to sit under a tree to make sure you’re in the shade if it gets hot.

Choose your favorite food to eat. Make sure that you pack the food in good containers and try to take some snacks to eat between meals if you hungry. Do not forget to have some drinks like juice, soda or anything you like. The most important thing is to drink water if it is hot.

You can talk about different topics, but always remember you should all be positive. Talk about success, your dreams, healthy lifestyle, fashion, volunteering, community services, arts or any thing else.

You can also play some games such as soccer, volleyball or basketball. You can play chess or any board games.

You can run fast, walk slowly or just do some exercise.

If there are any kids, try make them happy, enjoying their time, playing and having fun.

Do not forget to clean the place before you leave in order to keep the environment clean.

Have fun, enjoy your time and be happy wherever you are and without spending a lot of money.