Kicking Off The Year With Art Club

Josephina Filice, Clubs and Organizations Writer

This Thursday, September 2, Art Club held its first meeting of the year. I attended the meeting and scoped out what the year would be like for any Lakewood students who feel like they could benefit from joining the club. The mentor that oversees the Art Club is Mrs. Hansen and the meetings are held in her room (B206) from 3:15-4:30 pm.

The main goal of the Art Club is to combine a group of creative people and let them express themselves in different projects at each meeting. Once this is accomplished, the Art Club wants to branch out into the community and share its art with Lakewood to make it a brighter and fuller place.

There are also ways to become more involved with the club such as applying for the National Art Honor Society: a program that encourages a lifelong relationship with art and how it can affect the community wherever no matter where it is. Applications for NAHS will be accepted next week and more information can be found by joining the Art Club Remind (code: @h6a964).

In addition to joining NAHS, new officers will also be elected at the next meeting which is tentatively scheduled for October 4. While the presidency has already been elected (Presidents Bee Rohrs and Lila Wright) the positions available for this year are Secretary, Historian and Public Relations. For more information on the positions and how to run, contact Mrs. Hansen for the Google Classroom code.

Remember, anyone can join the Art Club! From beginners to experts, the club offers a way to express yourself to everyone, and the first meeting had a great turnout! The club’s Instagram is @art._lhs and the Twitter is @artclub_lhs for anyone who’d like to see the fun projects Mrs. Hansen and the presidents come up with. Make a trip over to B206 for a fun time making new friends and even learning more about art on the way!