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    Dressing in the New Decade


    It’s indisputable; times change. And with time, so does everything else. From lifestyles to food, to entertainment to politics, The world is forever changing, forever growing, and there’s always something new to be interested in. One of these is a topic that would become controversial in the coming years: fashion.

    It’s amazing, really, how fashion is pioneered by our youth. Over the course of a few decades or so, time and time again fashion has proved to be part of teen culture. The trends, specifically the current ones being taken from the early 2000’s, are only improved by the teens of this generation. Low-rise jeans, high crop tops, puka shell necklaces, and fleece cardigans have all made a comeback in some way.

    But why?

    Simple: and you’ll see it a lot in any generation’s fashion. Any decade’s fashion, really, merely takes inspiration and designs from those before them! So approximately, every twenty years or so, you may get a taste of something familiar, but with a touch of new age flair. And nothing truly dies out; if there’s a style you detest so much, don’t take comfort in the idea that it’s truly died out.
    Really, though, there should be little judgement for people’s taste. Fashion we talk about is truly vague, but here, it’s fashion and style. When we talk about taste, we talk about style. When we observe a new wave, we’re observing someone’s love for design. Whether that is or isn’t to your tastes is alright, for fashion will remain forever subjective.

    Even if we’re made to believe it’s not.

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