Water and Earth Signs Horoscopes

Payton Jingle, Astrology Reporter

Cancer (June 21- July 21) – The New Moon entering Virgo on Monday Sept. 6 will bring new beginnings, your thoughts should start to turn into communication. When this time comes you will feel able enough to do the things that may scare you. Decide what aligns with you, mercury is moving into pre-retrograde. This may include asking someone on a date or breaking up with that certain someone. This time brings courage, but think about your words carefully. If you feel you need clarity at any time during this period, meditate and write down your thoughts, take time to reflect. On Friday, Sept. 10, Venus, a Cancer´s planet of love, enters Scorpio. If you’re thinking about texting an ex, don’t do it. Just stop and enjoy the love you have in your life right now.

Pisces (February 19- March 20)  – With the New Moon being in Virgo you are centered in your peak relationship zone.
You will start to feel renewed in this crisp lunar cycle. You should have a shift in your mindset, it is time to decide what fits you in your world and get rid of what no longer serves you. Pay attention to details during this time, this shift could be triggered by a new flame or even a current committed partnership. Stay grounded in your decisions, this is not within your easy flow nature but Virgo is telling you to push through and be strong. Venus will enter Scorpio, this might spark your interest in international travel greatly. New discussions and contracts could suddenly come in, this could mean life changing things. Take your time and take it one step at a time Pisces!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) – With the New Moon entering the heart of Virgo you should prepare for a fresh, grounded start towards all your desires in this fresh lunar cycle. Promising opportunities may be on the rise. Someone from the past wants to reach out. This may be someone from your contacts; but don’t dive right in take time and see if this is what is right for you; this is uncharted territory. At this time it may be best to clear yourself from possible negative energies, this heavily includes the deletion of social media (a gold mine of negative energy.) SET BOUNDARIES! Venus moving into Scorpio on Sept. 10 brings clarity and transformation on where you stand in relationships. Focus on what’s needed. This could result in serious and sudden changes with a current flame or work agreement. Focus on independence and find pride in that. Be the boss of your life. Venus is the cosmic ruler of love! Focus on you!

Taurus (April 21 – May 20) – This September will be empowering your life majorly Taurus. The New Moon is in Virgo, a fellow earth sign! During Leo season you had a centered playful energy. Transitioning into Virgo season means life is going to take a more serious tone. The New Moon may bring in a creative idea that will require a deep focus, but don’t worry this will lead you in a positive direction! Finances may improve for you, you are finally getting the recognition you deserve. Your ruling planet; Venus, will be moving into Scorpio Sept. 10. Relationships, romance, contracts, and agreements will come to the energetic forefront; they will take on a more serious tone. You may realize certain things that just aren’t working in your life, they need to change for the better. In your professional life this may bring a promotion! Do what is right for you!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) – We are Moving into the heart of Virgo season while the cosmos are doubling down on earth energy at the beginning of the month with the New Moon on Sept. 6. This week you may have important conversations at home which will determine current or future actions related to work, education or even the business of a family member. These will be more serious decisions and your relatives will make you more involved in these discussions. Plans are very susceptible to change this week. You may receive an invite to a gathering this week. You are going to turn to your old unrealized ideas. Some of these plans might be relevant and achievable. Inner worries and misunderstandings are something big this week relating to personal relationships. Give advice with ease and goodwill, this will calm the people around you dealing with personal drama. You give people hope Virgo! Observe the events happening in your workplace, they may lead to future unexpected changes. Observe carefully. Beware of delusions and false promises.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) – Hello Capricorn! This beginning of this month starts off with grounded, powerful and focused energy. This week however it is important to start planning for the future. Get organized! If you have tension in your personal and professional life, be assertive and decisive. During this week you need to be more conscious when it comes to mental and physical health, reduce the stress you put on yourself in your day-to-day life. Communication is key, if you don’t communicate tensions will arise in your love life. Invest energy and hope into something new and promising this week! Do NOT shut yourself in, use every opportunity you get to meet friends and family. You may receive new opportunities and people who charge your energy with positivity! Be cautious with purchases for the home or for you personally this week. Trouble and conflict could arise and bring on negative emotions in the workplace and burden you, be careful around other earth signs. Focus on activities related to family!