Should there be less chain coffee shops in Lakewood?

Chains in lakewood

Ella Hyatt, Food Reporter

Remember when the new Starbucks on Detroit opened? A lot of people were super excited. On the other hand, many other people were upset that such a big chain was being put in, feeling that Starbucks does not belong in the middle of Detroit Avenue. Having such a big chain on a street that is full of small business coffee shops is taking money away from the locally owned shops. This causes many of the local businesses to go bankrupt and have to shut down. Having all these small businesses is what makes Lakewood so unique and special. With all the chains coming in, it’s making Lakewood less and less special. 

Even though a lot of people love that there’s a Starbucks nearby, a lot of people are frustrated because right across the street there is the Root Cafe, which is a local coffee shop. Also right up the street from Starbucks are Goodkind, Addicted, and Brewella’s. All of those are local coffee shops, all of which are affected by Starbucks. Because Starbucks is such a well-known coffee chain and convenient, everyone’s first thought is to go to Starbucks.

It’s understandable to take a quick stop at the Starbucks drive-through when you have to be somewhere, but when you have time and feel like grabbing a coffee, choose to stop at a local shop. Local shops take time picking their employees to ensure top customer service. So next time you have a little bit of extra time, support one of your local coffee shops.