Introduction to Animation


Sophia Stringer, Art and Culture Reporter

Media Art and Design is one of the many West Shore classes that can be taken as a vocational class. This college credit course includes animation, photography, illustration, and photoshop. Media Art and Design is a class that is offered for Lakewood Juniors and Seniors and other schools around the district can go to the class.  In Junior year, you will learn a program called Adobe which includes Illustrate, Photoshop, and Animate. In Senior year, you will learn animation.

This week in Media Art and Design, the seniors started animation. Animation is a complicated and long process. There are different kinds of frames that are within an animation. In one second there are 30 frames and each frame would have a movement; this is created from how long the duration of each frame is.

The frame can be edited to move and to change color. At the end of the frame, you can add a blank keyframe. The blank keyframe can add on the same image by copying and pasting it. You can determine where you can move the object by dragging the object to wherever you want it. It can be curved or it can be straight.

In animation, you can draw with a pen tool or with the shape tool. There is a tool in Adobe animation that creates different shapes. You can overlap shapes in Adobe animation and morph the shape to create a different kind of design. You can also create shapes that are separate from each other by clicking a button. This is the introduction to animation.