Opinions on Lakewood Homecoming 2021

Ashley Rosa, Opinion and Advice Reporter

The past two years have been a nightmare for all the senior classes. The class of 2020 lost their graduation and their prom and the class of 2021 lost homecoming and prom but still managed to have a graduation.  This year, the class of 2022 has more promising hopes of having everything but it will come with some costs.

Homecoming for the class of 2022 was supposed to be Into the Night themed with the cafeteria beautifully decorated with galaxy colors, string lights, a photo booth and so much more. Recently, administration chose to have the dance on the baseball field with a big canopy over it, allowing us to still be able to have the dance whether it rains or shines. Many people were not happy about this decision. Going around talking to different people about it, some have said they will go since it is either going to be their last or first homecoming. Others have completely tapped out of going and decided at that point it would be a waste of money and time.

The Lakewood Times interviewed junior Jordan Rossen about her feelings on homecoming this year and this is what she had to say: “I think it will be a nice way to spice things up while still keeping us safe. With Covid still being around and everything, I’m surprised we even actually had homecoming this year. I am excited to go and see what they can make do with the guidelines that we have to follow.”

We also talked to senior Liam Markos about the dance since he was the person originally planning it and he stated how he was disappointed that there really won’t be a theme this year with it being outside. He then continued to talk about how they are still going to try to make the dance look good and try to make it as fun and enjoyable as they can.

Homecoming this year will be one to remember. It may not be like we all wanted, but at least things are going back to normal.