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    What is Fire Ecology


    People should try to help protect nature before it all gets burned down. Rising temperatures mean more wildfires. For decades, it’s been the United States’ official policy to stamp out any and all fires wherever they occur. After all, Smokey Bear told us so. But that’s not the natural order of things, so now we’re faced with a one-two punch: more dry fuels to burn and hotter temperatures to burn them.

    Fire ecologists work hard to understand how fires naturally burn, how they’re burning currently, and how they might burn in the future. Even more importantly, these scientists are trying to understand how humans can live in harmony with fire. People need to support these companies because they are trying to help the environment for everyone. If everyone in the world just donated 1 dollar that would be enough to make a big difference.

    Fire ecology is a branch of ecology that focuses on the origins of wildland fire and its relationship to the environment that surrounds it, both living and nonliving. Fire ecologists recognize that fire is a natural process and that it often operates as an integral part of the ecosystem in which it occurs. They are learning more about it to make sure that everything is under control.

    People can help the environment to make a difference. People need to step up and help because the environment can make a difference. These fires can become a big problem because they will affect the animals around them and some might even die by the fire. Read more about Fire Ecology to know what they are and what they do to help. 


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