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    Fashion in Masks

    Fashion in Masks

    Since COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, everyone’s lifestyle has changed drastically. Whether you were a homebody in the first place or a polyglot globetrotter, there has always been one thing everyone has in common in these trying times: masks.

    This piece of cloth has become a staple in our society for the past year or so. To protect ourselves from this deadly virus, it keeps our consumption of the air outside to a minimum, lest we become infected with the airborne virus.

    But, the masks specifically have morphed into a thing of its own. Not only is it merely a cultural staple in recent years, it’s also become a trademark in people’s everyday runways. It’s not often you’ll see people wearing a regular old mask these days, but instead, wearing something that pertains to themselves or their own outfit.

    How do you use it in your style? What should it be paired with? Is it the front piece, or merely an accent?

    It’s both of these things. Masks are so revolutionary and in style because of their versatility.

    Black, blue, and sometimes white masks are easier to pair with outfits. Black is more commonly used, only because it’s such a muted color that attention is drawn away from it, and instead is turned to the outfit itself.

    White masks are also used in a similar regard, but provide a softer accent to the face and work mutually with the outfit. It may work with somewhat more formal regalia than your everyday wear, for how much it can stain or wear quickly.

    Blue medical masks are also common. This is the least versatile of all the masks listed, but when done right, it can pair nicely with cool colored pastels, such as teal and white themed outfits.
    Though, if you have the cash to waste, there isn’t much stopping you from buying a rainbow assortment of masks. 

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