Akua Ink and its use

Alexis Stringer , Arts and Culture Reporter

Akua ink is very similar to making dark field prints; but while those prints use only black ink, Akua uses colored ink. When using Akua ink, you will need two acrylic boards (one to put the ink on and one to roll the ink onto), a roller, different materials to make different patterns, and the ink itself.  The acrylic board that you will work on is the one you will roll the ink onto. After rolling out the ink you are able to create your design.  

When making your design, you can pretty much use anything, from using stamps to scraping the ink off with a piece of cardboard or even use a paintbrush to get the painterly effect that you want. It’s pretty much up to you what you want your piece to look like.

Once you make a piece that you are happy with, you could then roll it out with a print roller. Unlike Monoprint, which uses water to drench two pieces of paper for ten minutes, you do not need to do that with Akua ink. You can use one piece of paper which will give you a unique piece right away. 

Once you finish printing you can add different ink on it, use pastels, or even trace over it. When you are happy with that, you can start to make more and more designs and you can even put black ink on it.