Libra Season Predicitions

Libra Season Predicitions

Molly Minadeo, Astrology Reporter

It’s almost Libra season!

September 22 marks the beginning of Libra season. The start of Libra Season is also considered the midpoint of the astrological wheel You have now hit the halfway point. Libra is the 7th house of the zodiac signs and embodies balance. Libras advocate for peace, beauty and harmony. Although many positive predictions are being made for Libras this year, let’s unfold everything!

How does the rest of this year look for Libras?

Uranus is remaining in Taurus all year! This means that this is stationed in the 8th house of Transformation. This rules your financial aspect, death and love life! This is basically saying that Libras have the potential for healthy relationships, if they put in the work to keep them. Next, there are days and months that are going to be lucky for Libras. With their great compatibility to Aries, Libras are bound to find luck in March and April! 

Friendship and Love predictions!

Libras have many opportunities for love and friendships this year. They just have to be careful and seek out relationships. Libras are said to have a high chance of being in a relationship soon! 

September 26- Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury enters retrograde in the air sign of Libra. Mercury is ruled by the element of air, so it feels powerful and strong in this sign. This is a big deal for Libras! This is said to be an important time to connect to your past and reveal old secrets.