Outdoor Homecoming: Fantastic or Flop?


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Maggie Dineen, Lakewood News Reporter

Homecoming: an American tradition that is practiced throughout late September and early October, ending with a football game and formal dance. At Lakewood, homecoming is a large event due to the amount of students at the high school. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was not held for a year, making the next one very important for the individuals who plan it. Usually, Lakewood High School Homecoming is held in the gymnasium, using the cafeteria as a sitting area. This year, the high school was unable to hold the dance inside, so Lakewood Homecoming made a comeback in a different setting, outdoors.

Due to the rising cases of COVID-19, administrators discussed the ideas for homecoming, whether it will require masks, be outside or even happen at all. They concluded that homecoming 2021 would either be inside and require masks, with also the risk of it being cancelled last minute, or outside without requiring masks. The Lakewood High School student body made the ultimate decision from the students’ wishes. They opted for outside, no masks, and no decorations for a unique event. And as the day approached, the students became elated to go! 

At the event, the main dancing area was underneath a large tent, while vendors and tables took up the majority of the space. The vendors included a photo booth, a tarot card reader, a caricaturist and more. Students danced their hearts out at this year’s homecoming, jumping and screaming their favorite songs. An outdoor homecoming is odd for Lakewood, but was quite a success.