How To Raise Your Grade At The End Of The Quarter

Alesha Hanna-Kotula, Opinions and Advice

It’s two weeks before the quarter ends and you have a C in science. You know that your parents aren’t going to be too happy seeing a C on your report card. How are you going to raise your grade in such a short amount of time?

Maintaining your grade over a span of 9 weeks is much easier than jumping a few letter grades in a week or two. But hopefully after reading these pieces of advice, you know how to approach the upcoming weeks and be the most successful you can be.

My first suggestion would be to gain an understanding of your teacher’s grading system. On the first day or week of school, it should be familiar to you that your teacher reviews the class syllabus, rules, and expectations. Most teachers weigh their grades. For example tests might be 50% of your grade but homework assignments might only be 10%. Figuring out how different assignments can weigh your grade will encourage you to put more effort into studying or homework assignments.

One of the best ways to raise your grade for a class is to talk to your teacher. The difference between a C and an A can be as simple as that. Ask your teacher if there is a good time to discuss your grades with them or you could even email them. Talk to them about past assignments and why you got the grade you received. Teachers are humans too and make mistakes as well.

Teachers are always willing to help students succeed and may offer extra credit. Completing extra credit assignments is an easy way to boost your grades quickly. If you have talked to your teacher and they do not offer extra credit, you can boost your grade by ending the quarter strong. This means turning in all work on time and to the best of your ability. If you don’t normally study for tests or quizzes, putting in extra time to study may help boost your quiz scores. If you are unsure how to study, check out our other article on different studying strategies.

With knowing how to boost your grades in a short period of time, you can start off next quarter strong and hopefully maintain that A+. Each quarter is a brand new start so don’t worry if this quarter was hard for you and you found it difficult to raise your grade. Best of luck for second quarter!