Fits for Fall

Fits for Fall

Harmony Stone, Fashion Reporter

The beloved month of October is finally upon us. Whether you enjoy the leaves turning, or are ready to break out your pumpkin flavored recipes, or perhaps you’re just happy the hot weather is finally coming to a close, autumn is here. My greatest joy, though, happens to be shared by most other people, especially in Ohio, where the weather is so unpredictable it’s not funny: breaking out the warmer clothes.

All of my favorite fall fits have been collecting dust in my closet all year long. I’d put them away to make some room in my closet, but I admire and yearn for them all spring and summer long, waiting for the first fateful fifty-five degree day.

So, what are your favorite fall colors? I think there is much to discuss about dark green and blue for fall. These murky cool tones can liven up an outfit, even if you don’t really like or agree with the browns and reds that seem to lace stores around this time of year.

Sweater season is and has always been a favorite of mine, but I think there’s room to make for warmer jumpsuits or rompers. I feel as if they’re mostly a summer outfit, but I have the firm belief that they could be spiced up into something warm! If you wanted to, I recommend taking your favorite romper or jumpsuit and pairing it with a turtleneck that compliments the colors on it. If you don’t have anything specific to match, always remember that black goes with just about anything, especially now that we’re in the cooler seasons!