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    Gen-Z and Generational Astrology

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    People born in 1995-2012 are considered to be a part of Generation Z. Generation Z is known for supporting diversity and advocating for equality amongst all. People argue that these are generational differences, while others believe it to be on a case by case basis unrelated to generations.

    In astrology, generational planets are planets that affect an entire generation of people. There are three planets in a natal chart, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. There is a significant link between generations and their Pluto placement in their natal chart. These planets can stay in one sign for up to 30 years; the 30 years, however, do not exactly align with the non-astrological generations. Pluto is a generational planet that governs one’s power, intensity, and control. Pluto is also known as the planet of liberation. So, while Pluto is ruling the majority of Gen-Z it explains their extensively liberal group. Generation Z is between the ages of nine and twenty-four, making for a vast age gap. This means there are people who are now new voters, educators, and higher-education students, while the younger people are now stepping into those roles and finding their voice.

    The placement of the planets and the signs they are in are important for how the generation will be perceived. People in Generation Z are most likely to be curious and optimistic about change, free-spirited and independent. Along with this comes confidence in their values, morals, and allyship. Generation Z is also said to be intuitive and have an awareness in higher mind, which could be compared with their optimism on society when moving forward.

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