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    Finding What Studying Techniques Work For You

    Kaitlin Anderson

    Figuring out what study method works for you isn’t too difficult as long as you know your learning style. Visual learning, auditory, reading/writing, and hands-on learning are the main types. Finding which one works best for you will improve your chances of finding the most effective method of study.

    If you learn better visually it might be helpful to create diagrams depending on what the topic is. Also, another way that could help would be by color coding everything. Vocabulary could be yellow, facts could be green, etc. Taking thorough notes during lectures could also help. Physically writing things down helps you remember things better. Another helpful thing to do would be to underline and highlight things like main points or dates.

    Auditory learning means you work better in groups. Finding a group of students in your classes that would be willing to have vocal study sessions would be ideal or if you want to be by yourself read the notes allowed in a quiet place. You can also try to record yourself or your professors during lectures and replay it back multiple times.

    Being a reading/writing learner is pretty self-explanatory. Taking very thorough notes and even presentations could help. Reading over those notes multiple times and rewriting them would also help. Another big point would be to turn any diagram and charts into words. Making lists and bullet points would also be a more effective way to study.

    Lastly, if you are a hands-on learner, there are a lot more different ways to study. Taking notes, making flashcards, and if possible acting out the lesson could be helpful for younger learners. Another helpful way would be to teach others about the subject you are struggling with. This is a great way to ensure you fully understand the material. As weird as it sounds, chewing gum could help a lot because it helps create alertness for certain. If able, you could purchase different flavors and assign them to different subjects to trick your mind into memorizing different things with the different flavors.


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