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    Scorpio Season 2021

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    The 2021 Scorpio season kicks off on Saturday, Oct. 23. Scorpios are known to be dark, dramatic, and sometimes vengeful. Scorpios are usually said to have a more gothic vibe. Scorpios are also known to be seductive and sadistic. But that’s just how one thinks of a Scorpio. In reality, the Scorpio is a feminine water sign, governed by Mars and Pluto, being a predominantly emotional sign.

    Scorpio is ruled by the qualities of a Scorpion: small yet powerful. The Scorpion sheds its skin every so often, undergoing a metamorphosis, and is equipped with a sharp tail. If the scorpion isn’t careful, it could end up harming itself or others.

    As the sun shifts into the water sign of Scorpio on the 23, Scorpio season will be a great time to focus on transformative changes in your life. Take time for yourself and better your mental health, strengthen your intuition tools through divination.

    On November 4, 2021 there will be a new moon in Scorpio; at the time of this new moon there is a lot of watery energy flowing through our cosmic skies. This energy will encourage us to ¨go with the flow.¨ Remember not to be too rigid in your thinking during this new moon as the water may become stagnant.

    The biggest event in Scorpio season is the partial lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses bring portals of closure, culmination, and endings. They are a great time to amplify what is going on in our personal lives and a good time to release and let go of the things that no longer serve us. This year in Scorpio take time and be easy on yourself: flow like water!

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