How Art Helps Visual Learners

How Art Helps Visual Learners

Alexis Stringer, Arts and Culture

Visual learners are learners who absorb information by seeing it, and art helps with this process. Art is a visual way to display information as well as display anything that you want it to be. It is important for visual learners to be taught from images so that they can make the associations in their heads. 

Creating associations with the images that the person has to learn allows them to develop an understanding of what they need to understand. When looking at an image, for visual learners it could be easier for them to memorize and potentially understand the information. 

Students who are visual learners learn best by seeing their information in a visual format rather than looking at words on paper. Learning from a visual rather than from text allows the person to remember the picture for a longer period of time rather than just memorizing words, which can be hard for a visual learner. 

Learning from art allows the visual learner to express what they see by drawing what they remember, in order to show people what they know. Drawing what they know from seeing a picture allows them to show their skill in memorizing the information that they must remember in order for them to understand the content. 

Visuals will create a long-lasting impression and memory for visual learners and will help them in the future as they continue to learn from art and visuals. We as artists have the potential to teach our viewers how to learn through visuals.