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    Understanding Your Big Three!

    Understanding Your Big Three!

    In the world of astrology you have a big three! This consists of your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign. These placements rule your personality and your life.

    Sun Sign:

    This is better known as your zodiac sign. This is the day you were born. This is the sign that spends the most time in the spotlight, and what people know you as. Your sun sign also controls how you express yourself and live your life.

    Moon Sign:

    Moon signs represent our emotions and inner thoughts. This is what controls your emotions. This can influence how you see others and feel about them. For an example, Cancers tend to be very emotional and often are very sensitive. If your moon is in cancer, you are most likely a sensitive person!

    Ascendant (Rising Sign):

    Your ascendant sign is what people perceive  you as. When people first meet you, they get this vibe from you. Your rising sign determines the energy of both our outward personality and our birth chart as a whole. This sign is a personality ruler!

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