Sylvie Ballou, Fashion Reporter

UGGs have always been the shoes that every girl wants but can’t convince her parents to buy; this hesitation from the parents is justified. Not only is a simple pair of UGG boots $170 but the boots also contain sheep hide still attached to the skin. There was much controversy surrounding the potential cruelty towards animals, and while UGG put on their website that they only use ethically sourced animal products, many have avoided the product because of the harm caused to sheep in the creation of the boots.

The UGG Brand does promote inclusivity on their website in their modeling; they are inclusive in terms of race, gender, and disabilities, but not necessarily in weight. They have statements on their website about the authenticity of their brand and their focus on ethically gained products; nevertheless, the UGG brand is one that many people hesitate to support. But since their boots are cute here are some alternative brands that not only provide more affordable prices, but also faux fur (so there is no concern about the way in which the materials are collected).

The brand Bearpaw sells a very similar style of boot made of faux fur instead of real sheep wool and therefore does not put the customer in the position to question the morality of supporting their brand. Other brands that sell this similar style of boot are Kirkland (sold at Costco).