Halloween Costume Ideas

Maggie Dineen, Fashion Reporter

Almost a year into having a vaccine for COVID-19, Halloween is coming up! So you will want to show off a cool costume at a party this year. Here are a few ideas for all genders!

If you want to tune into your magical self, go as a fairy! All you need is a puffy skirt, a cute top of any color, and wings. A fairy is an easy costume that anyone could do, and is so customizable. You can make this costume to match any style.

A costume that might be a little more strict is a pirate. Anyone can be a pirate and all you really need is a vest, scarf, and cool pants or skirt. There are many accessories you can add to this costume including swords, hats, and even a parrot if you want! This costume is cute and fashionable.

Going classic is always fun. Be a classic zombie or mummy this year! You really just need some old clothes or a white cloth. Again, this is super customizable and uniquely you. The classics are always a great go-to costume.

Become your inner child and be a Care Bear this year! This costume is just one piece, and there are many cute onesies online to choose from. If you want to make your own that’s awesome too; just make sure you have your belly badge so everyone knows what you are. 

This Halloween is going to be great and fun no matter what, being the first semi-normal one in a year. So whatever you do, be yourself and have a great holiday!