Concert Advice

Mollie Henrikson, Opinion and Advice Reporter

After years of waiting, concerts are starting to open up once again. Tickets that you purchased in 2019 are starting to be used once again. With that being said, concert advice may be needed since people haven’t been to concerts in years. Many concerts require safety precautions because of Covid. They are starting to require proof of vaccinations or a negative covid test a couple of days prior to the concert. If you are planning on attending multiple concerts this year, getting the vaccine is the best option so you don’t have to constantly get tested. 

When going to a concert, arriving early is the best option. Plan on getting ready a couple of hours before the concert. This gives you plenty of time to make it to the arena without being in a rush or panicking about missing the concert. I would suggest getting to the concert roughly two hours early. This is the perfect amount of time because you don’t want to be stuck in long lines right before the concert. If it is for a bigger band, that means the area is going to be really crowded. The prices for parking lots are typically $50 just to park. Finding a ride is the best option so you get dropped off and picked up. This also takes stress away from paying for parking, looking for a spot and dealing with heavy traffic. 

Especially if you were planning on watching the opening band or buying merchandise I would suggest going even earlier. You never really know how long the lines for the merchandise can be and you want to be able to give yourself time to find your seats so you can watch the opening band.