Halloween 2021 Review

Halloween 2021 Review

Lana Collins, Lakewood News Reporter

We have officially entered the month of November after a pretty successful Halloween night. It really all depends on what your Halloween plans were, but Halloween tends to be a very public holiday for its tradition of Trick-or-Treating! I, unlike most, believe that you should never be too old to trick-or-treat and went out with my friends. Unlike last year, there were plenty of people out passing out candy to all the kids. You could’ve gotten as good as a haul as any other year. Some people even kept the tradition like last year and did the tubes off the front porch. It was perfect for maintaining social distancing and kept people creative.

There were plenty of really creative costumes roaming around the streets. A lot of costumes from new grossing movies like the 2021 “Halloween” and hit shows like “Squid Game”. Then there’s the obvious every year costumes such as witches, vampires, angels, devils, etc. If you asked me, they’re getting a little less creative every year but Halloween is not about judging. There were plenty of different Halloween events all around Lakewood and I know plenty of people enjoyed Cedar Point’s Halloweekends in Sandusky, Ohio at some point.

There’s been a lot of talk that Halloween wasn’t quite the same this year but Halloween is what you make it. It’s always going to be different than someone else’s. If your 2021 Halloween wasn’t what you wanted it to be; there’s always going to be next year. If it was more then you could’ve dreamed of, then keep it up!

What is your Halloween Review?