Lindsay Gregg, Entertainment Reporter

Harryween is a special two-night event that took place two nights in a row during Harry Styles; Love On Tour. On October 29 and October 30, Harry Styles performed at Madison Square Garden.

This is a very special night for Harry Styles fans; they dress up in the best Halloween costumes they can think of. People spend weeks determining what they will wear to a normal Harry Styles concert, so you can only imagine how long it takes most fans to decide what they will be wearing to Harryween. Some fans even go as far to make their costumes.

Harry himself dressed up for these special occasions. On night one, he dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and his band backed him up by being the rest of  the Oz crew. On night two, Harry came dressed as a magnificent clown and even sang his new unreleased song, Medicine, for the first time on tour.

Harryween is a magical night that all fans dream of attending. Those who got to go are extremely lucky in the eyes of other Harry Styles fans.