Winter Fashion Predictions

Maggie Dineen, Fashion Reporter

Winter is approaching and with winter comes cozy fashion. Over the past year, there have been many different trends with clothing and fashion overall. So, what could the new hottest thing be this winter? These winter 2021 fashion predictions are a must if you want to look comfortable and cool this season.

The iconic 80s leg warmers are back! These cozy accessories are a great addition to any winter outfit. Teenagers and young adults usually pair leg warmers with black tights, chunky shoes, and a cute jean skirt. But unlike the bright colors worn a few decades ago, leg warmers are more neutral colors now. These cute accessories can be worn for style or comfort this winter.

Long winter jackets are also in this season. If the jacket goes down to your knees then you are styling. But don’t get this mixed up with puffy jackets; this trend pertains to long straight jackets. Most have been wearing black leather jackets for this look, but any material can work for this trend. This outerwear is styled with neutral colored clothing, such as white shirts, black pants, or jeans. You can also add to your outfit by carrying around a small handbag.

2021 has had many different trends throughout the different seasons, but winter fashion may take the cake. If you want to be trendy, try to incorporate these predictions into your own style this winter!