Cookies For The Holidays

Cookies For The Holidays

jazzalyn palma, food reporter

Heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas time, cookies become something easy and affordable to bring to family dinners and parties. Cookies are very versatile and there are so many flavors and ways to make them. Cookies are something that everyone can enjoy and almost anyone can make them.

Some cookie recipes can be easy, consisting of only three ingredients. Other recipes can be a little more complex. Regardless of your baking abilities, cookies are something everyone can make. There are options for vegan and gluten-free cookies as well, so everyone can be included in the consumption of cookies.

Basic cookies, like chocolate chip or sugar cookies, can become dressed up with frosting and sprinkles and are relatively beginner-friendly. There is even something called pre-made cookie dough that you can buy at a local grocery store for $2.50. This is a more reasonable option for people that don’t have the time to make homemade cookies for events.

Cookies are universal, making them an easy treat to take to holiday parties and dinners.