Netflix’s “All American”

Netflixs All American

Ashley Rosa, Entertainment reporter

Spencer James is a rising wide receiver who plays for South Crenshaw High in LA. Coach Billy Baker is an old-time family friend. One night after a game at Crenshaw Billy approached Spencer asking him to make one of the hardest decisions he would have to make for a while. He wanted Spencer to go play for him at Beverly Hills because he figured it would be the best for Spencer and his career. Talking to his family and friends about it they all agreed it would be in his best interest to go play for the Beverly Hill Eagles.

As the series goes on many events happen. A major event that happened was a shooting that will forever impact Spencer’s career. Spencer spent a while in physical therapy trying to slowly work his way back onto the field for his senior year. The doctors from his surgery cleared him, his physical therapist cleared him and so did a sports therapist. They all said everything looked great and he should have full movement and fully have his arm back. At the end of season 2, his arm goes numb when grabbing a drink.

Going into season three he had to come to a conclusion with his therapist as to why his arm was going numb. He was cleared physically but they never thought to see if he was mentally. During season three his arm went numb a few more times. During games, both before and after so he had to ask himself this question. Was there someone causing it to go numb? Filled with denial he tried to turn that idea about but his therapist pushed for it and he found out it was later his best friend Coop. She’s the one that got involved with the people who shot him.  At the end of the season, we saw Spencer talking to Coop about it and she just denied it and denied it. After the talk, his arm didn’t go numb again but he lost his closest friend. Is this frinedship more important than his potential football career?