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Rest in Peace Daylight Savings

Rest in Peace Daylight Savings
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Fall is an absolutely incredible time of the year. Autumn brings beautiful leaves, Thanksgiving, different delicious foods, and Pumpkin Spice everything. Also full of the comfiest clothes and thoughts of the upcoming Christmas season; which is pleasant for mostly everyone. All of this always comes with a price to pay and it hit on November 7.

The end of Daylight Savings.

It is the true mark of even colder days. Where the sun sets as soon as it comes up and the birds are chirping to the sun at, what as well might be, 6 in the morning. People are extremely unhappy about this because who wants to have less then an hour in the sun after you get off your 9 to 5.

If you’re unsure what happens when Daylight Savings ends then you’ve been missing out on a lot. You’ve probably seen your parents complaining about changing all the clocks. This is because on Saturday night, there was an entire extra hour of of 2 a.m. So everyone that night is basically gaining an entire hour of sleep in the night. So if you woke up on Saturday a lot earlier then normal, you really didn’t sleep less. Time is just working perfectly around your schedule.

“An extra hour of sleep?! That sounds incredible!” Well, it’s incredible until your entire schedule is completely shifted off. It takes multiple days of adjustment for most people but obviously it eventually gets normal again.

Lakewood is filled to the brim with people running in a tight fashion. Much like a bee hive and bee hives need order. One gear out of place can knock us all off. Don’t let the new schedule throw you off.

Adapt and overcome.

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