Should Cursive Writing be Taught in Elementary Schools?

Mollie Henrikson, Opinion and Advice

Over the years, curriculum in schools have changed tremendously. One of the things that has been lost in schools is teaching cursive. As kids start to get older, cursive writing is starting to become more present in their lives. Whether it is receiving a paycheck from your job written in cursive or having to sign your signature, cursive writing is something that is very important to know as you grow older. Cursive writing should be brought back into elementary schools so that everyone has a basic understanding of it as they grow up. 

If you decide that college is for you, knowing cursive is something that is very important. Many college professors may use cursive writing to teach their lectures.  Being able to comprehend what is being written and understand the lesson is very important in college. Many classes in college tend to go at a faster pace and knowing how to write in cursive can be a huge time saver. 

Many legal documents in the future will require a cursive signature. Knowing how to read and write signatures in cursive will be very beneficial for when you have to sign your name on important papers. Cursive writing also helps with motor skills. It forces you to use your hand muscles in different ways. This activates a different part of your brain.Teaching kids at a young age this way of writing, will help them in developing fine motor skills. 

Cursive writing can also help students with disabilities. Students that are dyslexic use cursive writing to better understand certain letters. Cursive letters are shaped differently than print letters and it’s easier to differentiate between. This can decrease their dyslexia tendencies and make them more confident in their writing skills.