Tragedy at Astroworld Festival

Alesha Hanna-Kotula, Entertainment

8 people died last week at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival. This concert in Houston, Texas affected families across the country. Fans came from all over the country to be at this event.

This tragedy has become a conversation topic among Lakewood High School students. Students have been sharing their opinions on social media about the events that took place. The Lakewood Observer took it upon themselves to figure out what really happened that night.

Around 50,000 people attended the show and at least 300 people were left injured. There were 8 fatalities with ages ranging from 14-27. A crowd surged and began pushing to the front of the stage leaving not very much room for those already there.
Travis Scott’s concerts are known for the rage and violence that seems to make its way into the show. In the past, Scott’s concerts have resulted in many injuries to the fans and security guards as well as two arrests for Travis Scott himself. This incident could have easily been avoided if Scott learned from his mistakes and taken action to prevent violent behavior. As medics sought their way through the crowd, Scott continued performing.

Many fans tried to stop the show by climbing up to where cameramen were, but staff ignored them and asked them to climb back down. Videos of fans starting chants of “Stop the show!” surfaced the internet as well, while Travis Scott continued performing. The screams for help drowned in the music while more and more people got trampled. Scott is facing a lot of backlash for not stopping the show until 30 minutes after a mass casualty event was called.

Travis Scott posted an apology video on his Instagram story and the investigation for the incident is still underway.