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Senior Cooks


The class of 2022 had it pretty bad junior year. With COVID-19 forcing them to remain home for the duration of the year, it’s safe to say that we would’ve rather spent the year enjoying their classes physically. Unfortunately, if you passed junior year, you can’t get that time back. Even if you were excited about those few classes you wanted to take junior year, you’re unable to retake them.

Especially any cooking classes you wanted to take.

This is why, out of the new classes that popped up this year, Senior Cooks is an available class to take. Meant for seniors only (hence the name), this is an exciting new class for those who are graduating next year, and want to take a stress-free but still enjoyable home ec. class.

The students in this class taught by Mrs. Dunn, are taking an educational approach to cooking and feeding themselves, it prepares you for college life when you’ve moved out of the house to live by yourself or live in college dorms. While the recipes aren’t as easy as Everyday Cooking, or as intricate as Global Foods, they are extremely useful for life outside of high school.

Their first unit had been on mug recipes. One might prefer a real, home-cooked meal, but when you need something to eat fast in a short amount of time, a mug meal might just be the trick.
Or casseroles; a good way to get a ton of food you’ve left in your fridge or pantry and into a casserole dish. Filling, warm, and easy to save.
And what about desserts! Easy desserts can be made in a panini press, perhaps even in one pan, you can just assemble yourself! The possibilities are endless.

Senior Cooks prove that even if you’re living on a budget, you can still get creative with healthier meals.

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