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There’s some things that no one wants to recall about quarantine. Usually no one wants to recall quarantine at all. But a big problem a lot of people faced was the cancellation of all their concerts. Plenty of people had expensive tickets to many shows. Seeing your favorite band perform, or any band even, is an experience you’ll never want to forget and this December one of our greatest Riot Grrrl bands is actually coming to Lakewood. They go by the most perfect name for their musical genre; Destroy Boys.

They will be performing December 8 at Lakewood’s Mahall’s. Mahall’s is on Madison and is pretty well known in the area. If you’re heavily into Pop-Rock, Riot Grrrl, or just loud empowering music then you should definitely check them out! Mahall’s also has other activities such as dining and its big thing; The Bowling Alley.

They recently released a new album called “Open Mouth, Open Heart” this passing October. Their music is full of emotion and feeling. It’s all often very relatable and you might’ve even heard them before. They’ve had some trending songs on the internet such as “I Threw Glass at my Friend’s Eye and Now I’m on Probation”. Their other popular songs consist of “Crybaby,” “Vixen,” “Fences” and “Honey I’m Home”. Those last two releases were also released recently in 2020.

Even if it’s not your thing; it’s always good to try something new. What if you find your own passion for concerts or maybe making music of your own? That’s an opportunity you cannot miss. Tickets can be easily found and watching someone perform on a stage can be a life changing experience. Don’t miss them on December 8 here in Lakewood and remember to stream their latest album “Open Mouth, Open Heart”.

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