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    Coptic Art

    Coptic Art

    Coptic art is the Christian art of Byzantine-Greek-Roman Egypt. Coptic art is really famous for wallpaper, paintings and textiles.

    Many people wonder the meaning of the word Coptic, so the word Coptic is derived from the ancient Greek word of Egyptian. Although the ancient Greek were in Egypt, the Coptic art spreads through Sudan and Libya.

    The most famous place to see Coptic art is in an oasis in southern of Egypt, which is a pretty place to enjoy this beautiful art.

    Coptic art is always reflected in stone reliefs, wood carving and wall paintings of the monasteries of Egypt.

    The style of Coptic art evolved from the late antique art of Egypt. Economic conditions doubtless played a major role in the emergence of a freer, more popular style of art due to the lack of an extensive patronage system. This is evident in many aspects of Coptic art, the emphasis on non-monumental art, the avoidance of costly materials, and the death of skilled craftsmen with extensive training among them.

    All the textiles of the Coptic art are commonly linen or wool.

    Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, black and brown colors are mostly used in the Coptic art. All these dyes were derived from natural things in the past.

    Many historians mentioned that the Coptic art inherited various influences from different things like the ancient Egyptian art, as the ancient Egyptians used geometry, floral, birds, animal figures and different activities such as fishing and farming.

    Coptic art also represents the holy family and their trip in Egypt, so it is an art that includes so many things that are interesting to learn about.

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