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    Must Watch Christmas Movies During the Holidays


    Winter is here and Christmas is right around the corner! ‘Tis the season for sitting by the fire with a warm cup of hot cocoa in hand. It’s no secret that everyone’s favorite thing to do during this season is to curl up under blankets as the snow falls outside icy windows, painting the houses and streets around a soft blanket of white. Most people get to this point and run into the same problem as others around them. What in the world should they watch? The answer to that question lies in the rest of this article; read to find out what movies you must watch during the holiday season!

    Starting off with a classic, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” will never be a let down. The movie will make you laugh and the ending might even be so heartfelt you may shed a tear or two. If you love a romantic story, “The Princess Switch” is definitely worth the watch. The movie features a set of girls who recently discovered they look like twins, and much like the movie “The Parent Trap”, they hatch a plan to trade places and see what life is like as the other. Their lives are so different, it makes the story that much more interesting.

    Finally, you have to give “The Christmas Chronicles” and its sequel “The Christmas Chronicles 2” a back to back watch. These movies feature a brother and sister who end up accidentally crashing Santa’s sleigh. They have to pull and all nighter to save Christmas if they don’t want to ruin it for the rest of the boys and girls in the world. The sequel follows the same story line but, now the sister of the story runs off to the North Pole where a naughty elf is planning a way to cancel Christmas. Will they be able to save Christmas? If they do, will they be able to save it twice? This thrilling story will have you on the edge of your seat. Give it a watch!

    Everybody loves the holiday season. More than that people love to curl up by the fire with a hot drink and their loved ones to spend time together. What better way to spend quality time together than to experience the joys of holiday movies, especially when they can all be accessed on Netflix! If you’re looking for a movie day this holiday season, these for movies better move to the top of your watch list!

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