Climate Changes’ Impact on Ohio

Isaiah Jelinek, Environment Reporter

The majority of Ohio’s concerns over the environment are impacted by climate change. These changes in the climate make it so that we need to act right away or these pressing concerns won’t just be concerns that could be dealt with but will be concerns that will only keep getting worse and worse until we can’t deal with them.

“Climate change is increasing risks to those with serious health conditions. Weather that contributes to poor air quality and the growing number of days with extreme temperatures threaten Ohioans’ health and safety. We can fight back by eliminating the most harmful climate-change-causing air pollutants.”

There are multiple things that can be done to help Ohio to solve its air pollution. One of the many ways to help clean Ohio’s air pollution is to switch to more environmentally friendly energy or clean energy. Another thing that can be done is to cut methane pollution, which is a potent greenhouse gas. These are just two of the many ways that we can help clear the air pollution in Ohio.

“From toxic algae to aging infrastructure, the challenges to our water systems keep growing. Climate change is threatening water from source to tap.”

This is another thing that is brought about by climate change. There are ways that we can also stop this from happening as well. One of the ways that we can do that is to reduce the pollution feeding toxic algae in our water. Another way that this can be done is if we decided to protect access to affordable, clean water. The last way that can be tried is to restore the lakes, rivers, and wetlands back to what they before.