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    Oxford Shooting

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    As a high school student in this day and age, the fear of a school shooting is a chilling reality; the sound of a chip bag popping or a heavy object dropping is enough to make kids panic. Gun violence has become a daily tragedy that affects many individuals around the world and sometimes even the mere presence of a firearm can cause people to be alarmed, or threatened and fearful for their lives.

    On Nov. 30 a gunman opened fire on Oxford High School in Michigan, shooting 11 people. Four students were killed while others were left critically and seriously injured. Being exposed to a violent outbreak such as a school shooting has been shown to increase the likelihood of drug and alcohol abuse, chances of post-traumatic stress disorder, and students to struggle with school work. Children being instilled with the fear of losing their lives in a place they go to learn is not how this world should be.

    Children have died every year because of these horrifying massacres; each day, at least eight people die due to gun violence. At Oxford High School, Hana St. Juliana, age 14; Madisyn Baldwin, 17; Justin Shilling, 17; and Tate Myre, 16 all lost their lives. Hana St. Juliana, the shooting’s youngest victim, was a freshman at Oxford. She was considered a “beloved member of her school’s volleyball and basketball teams.” Madisyn Baldwin was 17 years old and had recently transferred to the school. She was set to graduate in the spring and had been accepted at many schools, some with full scholarships. Her aunt said she was “the light of so many people.” Justin Shilling was a senior and co-captain of the school’s bowling team. He worked at a local restaurant called Anita’s Kitchen in his free time. Tate Myre was 16 years old and played football at Oxford. He was a linebacker and a tight end. The team shared their loss on Twitter, writing ‘Tate was a great young man with a bright future and beloved by all.” Six other students were injured during the incident.

    After the Sandy Hook tragedy, the United States gun laws should’ve changed. People are dying and change needs to happen. Sign this petition to tell Congress you want universal background checks. We should never be afraid to go to school.

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