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    The Impact of Overpopulation.


    Overpopulation is defined as when a species’ population becomes larger than the carrying capacity of its environment. Every environment has its limits; these limits are affected by food source, water source, and space. Although our earth is very large, we still need to preserve it for our survival. 

    The effects of overpopulation can remain for a very long time and become very fatal. With people fighting and competing for resources it can cause major loss. Overpopulation will negatively change our atmosphere by creating rapid growth of global warming, pollution, animal death, and very intense farming practices. 

    It is predicted that we will reach our carrying capacity by 2100 with 11 billion people. Currently, at the end of 2021, we are at 8 billion people. That is a 3 billion rise in 80 years. We will not be able to farm and produce enough food to feed 11 billion people. This many people will run our resources dry and will create a mass extinction of animals. 

    To prevent overpopulation, we need to make sure underdeveloped countries are providing education for women and family assistance. The major reason for population growth is that women aren’t being educated and are having a lot of children in order for them to survive and replace themselves. We need to focus on getting these underdeveloped countries in a good shape so we can prevent rapid growth and overpopulation.

    Another way we can prevent overpopulation is to provide incentives for having fewer children, especially in higher-leveled countries. There is no need for anyone to have over four children. Providing incentives for couples who have fewer children will surely let us have more stable growth. These incentives could be lowering taxes or money grants.

    Overall, overpopulation is definitely something that we need to avoid as it has a domino effect. Everything will fall out of balance if we exceed a certain amount of people on our planet. 

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