Real Christmas Trees vs. Artifical

Mollie Henrikson, Opinion and Advice

Christmas season is approaching quickly and decorations are starting to appear in homes everywhere. But what makes your home really feel like Christmas? Is it the traditional stockings over the fireplace or Christmas lights everywhere? For some, it is the fresh fragrance of evergreen Christmas trees that make an appearance in your home once a year. However, is that delightful scent really worth all the hassle? Artificial Christmas trees are starting to become more popular. People everywhere are deciding whether to get a new Christmas tree or to get an artificial one to use every year. 

Having a real Christmas tree can really capture the true essence of Christmas. There are so many unique selections of trees to choose from. Unrelated to Christmas, these trees take in carbon dioxide and other harmful gases and release fresh gases into the atmosphere. But as you go shopping for these trees every year, people are starting to find more flaws in these trees. They tend to be expensive and only last for a certain amount of time. They shed needles and need constant maintenance in order to stay lively. Transporting the tree in general can be a huge hassle. 

Many people are noticing these flaws and are switching over to artificial Christmas trees. They are more cost effective. You only have to pay once and they last for years. No maintenance is needed. These trees do not make a mess and can be left up as long as you’d like. However, it may not capture the full Christmas effect for some people. It does not give off that Christmas tree scent and some artificial trees can end up looking phony. Both artificial and real trees have pros and cons but it just comes down to preference and dedication.