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    Getting Through The Winter


    As the cold ice hits your face, as the wind blows so vigorously, as we are trudging through the snow, as you slip and fall on your butt, or it starts snowing hard while you are walking: just like that, your mood can be changed. That one slip can affect your day as now you are in pain, which can result in a bruise. That can ruin your day. 

    That one positive day, the day you were looking forward to, the day you were yearning for, can change in one instant. You can let it affect your day or you can take it and make it positive.

    You can think of positive thoughts throughout the day by talking to yourself or taking the positive out of the negatives. You can think “I did hurt myself but at least I did not hurt myself that badly” or “The weather is bad but at least I got through it.” You can talk to yourself in a positive way.

    If you have a bad day, you can distract your mind by doing what you love. That could be either painting, drawing, reading, listening to music, watching TV, or even talking to your friends. 

    Either one of these could or could not work if you linger on the thought of how one thing affected you. If you are overthinking, the overthinking can turn into a worry. That worry affects you more than what happened.

    All you can do is try your best, having a more positive mindset of what has happened to you. Just take a deep breath and take things one at a time.

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