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    Being an Exchange Student


    Being an exchange student is not an ordinary thing, but it is something interesting. It is such a long process to be an exchange student and that process is to make sure that the student is qualified to be on an exchange year in a foreign country. Traveling to live in a foreign country, speaking a different language and dealing with new people with their own culture and beliefs are not easy things to do. 

    The year is so stressful, especially for high school students who have never been outside their country on their own. Exchange students face different things that might affect their year and their experience like homesickness and culture shock. Making new friends and talking to new people in schools is a nightmare for some students, even if they are easy-going, friendly and extroverted people. 

    The exchange year is so exciting as the student gets to try new things and experience the country, the education system and the culture. The experience is worth leaving the home country, families, friends, school and everything. 

    What people can do to help the exchange students or any other foreign students is important. The teachers should be kind and supportive for the student and helpful, the students at schools should be more friendly to them, they should not ignore them or try to make them feel not respected and that their work is not appreciated. 

    For everyone who could not be an exchange student or didn’t get the chance to travel on an exchange for a year abroad, you can always host a student to live with you sharing your cultures. 

    Exchange students just need extra compassion, kindness and consideration.

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