Perception Changes Life

Aidan Sterling, Opinion and Advice

Perception, “a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.” Everyone has a different way of perceiving life around them but opening your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking may improve your overall quality of life. Life now moves very fast, everything is fast paced, from business to even just driving. Finding time to truly appreciate everything around you is important. The way we view the world and take in everything going on around us has a direct effect on our thoughts, feelings, actions and behavior. It helps us relate one thing to another and recognize situations and patterns going on in our daily life.

Some ways to change your perception is to not just look into the eyeglass of life, try widening your lens and not focus on just one aspect of your life, at many times that can seem difficult and hard to do but at least attempting it is better than living life unhappy or having a feeling of failure. When looking at life differently and not taking subtle actions so seriously as if they ended your dream can help make you feel better about certain situations.

No one perceives life the same as one another, that is why when someone tells your perception is reality that is only true to yourself. Your perception of reality is real only to you, “this aphorism is often used to justify a perception that may be objectively unjustifiable or just plain out of touch with reality.” Said, Jim Taylor Ph.D.

If you feel constantly upset, or like you have no control of your life or your reality trying new ways of thinking and attitude can help slowly change those thoughts. Now this is not true for all people but many fall under the category of not seeing that perception and reality greatly differ.