Typical Prom Dress Code

Ashley Rosa, Senior News Reporter

Following a prom dress code is a lot easier said than done. A lot goes into it on the girl’s side; the guys are not so much. They can basically wear the first thing they see. Guys typically will wear a nice suit, dress shoes, and either a tie or bow tie. Normally, if taking a date, the tie will match the girl’s dress color. Now for females, there’s a lot to think about with the dress code: how low the neckline is, how high a slit is, how open the back is, the straps and the list really goes on.

Finding a pretty dress that follows dress codes can be challenging these days. Either the neckline goes down too far, the back opening is too low, or the dress is too tight. A lot of females think it isn’t exactly right to sexualize the dress they are going to wear. A lot of dresses these days are skin-tight, with a low front and back. You won’t find that modest of a dress without having to spend a hefty amount of money.

As it has been for a while, short dresses are for homecoming and formals while long dresses are strictly for prom. Many girls don’t really agree with this because in a way, short dresses can be a little more modest than what long dresses can be nowadays. Also, the ideal prom dress went away from the beautiful poofy ball gown dress and is now more of the tight-fitted plain dress.

For prom, you should be able to wear whatever you want to. Prom is the one night where you can feel as pretty as you want to and have an amazing night with your friends or significant other. You shouldn’t have to worry about the cut, length, color, design, etc. Wear what makes you feel good, wear what makes you happy.