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What to Eat When You’re Snowed In

Ralph Smith

You can basically eat whatever you want when you are snowed in, but if you want to make something specific to lift up your spirits, there are a few things you can eat. 

Macaroni and Cheese is a classic. A lot of people love to eat it. It’s a way to bring back some of your childhood memories, and eating macaroni and cheese allows you to eat something that is warm and will make you feel better when you are stuck in your house, away from this cold weather. You can make multiple types of macaroni and cheese, like baked macaroni and cheese by putting it into the oven after you boil the pasta. Once the pasta becomes a golden brown color, then you can take it out and it’s ready to be served. 

Banana bread was a thing that more people started to make during the start of the quarantine. There are many different types of banana bread such as putting chocolate chips in there or putting nuts in the bread. It’s pretty much however you want to make it. You can make it homemade or you can make it from the box. Once you make the dough you can just put it in the oven after you preheat it to four hundred. Once the bread becomes a golden brown, then you are good to go to eat it after you let it sit out to cool off. 

There are many different types of foods that you can eat when you are snowed in but these can be easy foods to make when you are not in the mood to make anything extravagant. 

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