Meatless Meat in Fast Food

Mina Buckshot, Food Reporter

With vegetarianism/veganism becoming more and more popular today, many businesses are trying to incorporate vegan-friendly foods into their menus. A lot of fast food corporations are taking steps to cater to another group of people in order to keep a good business flowing. There are also a lot of restaurants and fast-food corporations that cater to the vegan crowd. Let’s see how they incorporate this new type of food. 

A fast-food restaurant that has had good reviews about a meatless item is Burger King. They offer the “Impossible Whopper”, a meatless version of their most famous Whopper. This burger is purely plant-based and provided by the popular “Impossible” brand whose specialty is plant-based and protein-filled “meats”. That’s the only meatless meat Burger King has to offer but hopefully, they can prove more “Impossible” meatless options.

Another fast-food restaurant that has bandwagoned onto the meatless meat train is KFC. They recently came out with Beyond Meat Fried Chicken. This is a meatless fried chicken nugget meal. KFC worked with the Beyond Meat company to incorporate a healthier and meatless option for chicken lovers. 

I think adding meatless meats to restaurants is a great idea especially for those who are strictly not eating meat but still crave meat product foods. Hopefully, over time we will get to see many other fast-food restaurants add more meatless options to their menu. And hopefully Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are willing to collaborate with local restaurants as well. Meatless foods are definitely better for our bodies and for our environments. So let’s all try some Meatless foods!