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Pandemic & COVID foods


We’re about to mark three years of the pandemic. It feels like it’s been forever, with some people unable to remember what life was like before Covid-19 swept the world. We’re all struggling in one way or another and getting back on our feet feels more like we’re just continuing to slip back on the ground, and taking care of ourselves is more an afterthought.

Let’s look at some meals that are not only easy, but most importantly, cheap to make. We all need that little push for some nice, comforting but also healthy meals to get us through another day.

Soup is obviously a go-to for anyone during these times, year-round at least. It is delicious and just as easy to make, but making it substantial can be the tricky part. Italian Wedding Soup is a great contender for this role, being a filling soup while still being very easy (though it may take a little bit, so have patience).

Making your broth involves adding all of your ingredients (other than the pork) to your pot, and leaving it to sit uncovered for two and a half hours. Brown your ground beef (or pork sausage) meatballs while you’re waiting. Once it’s finished simmering, take your meatballs, the rest of your spices, add them into your broth and let sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Serve!

Alright, that’s an example of one of many soups out there. But what if you have Covid? Your dinners are now supremely limited since food just may not seem so good right now. Wanting to cook something with diverse flavors just isn’t going to happen, so for these next few months, consuming smoothies, more soup (yes, I know I just said that, but you may want to try broth-y soups), and getting your fair share of vegetables in you. You want as many vitamins as humanly possible. Foods like miso soup are great for just that. With its mild, umami flavor, you’re not going to miss out on much.

There you have it. Covid or not, this is a time to get creative with meals, mostly because it’s out of necessity. What should be necessary though, is the need for heavier foods that aren’t so terrible for you, and that also don’t rely on eating out as much. It’s a challenge, but with the resources available, we can improve our lifestyle little by little.

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