scary snow

Ajay Mahat, Lakewood News Reporter

A snowplow in Ohio caused 12 injuries and damaged at least 40 cars while clearing the Ohio Turnpike Sunday, according to local authorities.

The damage was caused when ice and debris from the plow flew over the median and onto the vehicles on the other side, the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission confirmed. This caused some people to get injured and a lot of people were scared and thought they were going to die. This happened on a highway and everyone was going fast. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt. But a lot of cars’ front windows had broken which made it hard to see. The glass caused some people to have cuts on their faces.

“I’ve never seen a plow truck throw that much snow across the whole highway,” one stranded motorist told the OSHP trooper. None of the injuries are life-threatening, 19 News reported.

“It was the most terrifying day of my life,” one driver said on the condition of anonymity, citing pending litigation. He said his passenger feared they wouldn’t make it out alive.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol will handle the investigation.

“The Highway Patrol is always going to conduct ourselves with the same consistent level of compassion unbiased professionalism. It’s what the public expects of us,” said Sgt. Ray Santiago. “We have an obligation to all parties involved to make sure this investigation is done thoroughly and correctly.”

According to officials, the 54-year-old Berea, Ohio man who was operating the plow truck at the time is cooperating with the Ohio State Highway Patrol investigation. The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission released the following information for motorists who were involved in the incident: