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The Winter Formal Debacle

The Foothill Dragon Press

This winter has to be one of our saddest and coldest in a very long time. It feels like a hassle to just walk down your own front lawn. Getting from place to place is a chore and no one wants to even be outside, let alone go to work or school. It really gets you missing the beginning of the school year with the outdoor warm pep rallies and the beautiful walks home. We also had our super incredible Homecoming in what is definitely the most perfect weather. Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard confirmation on this year’s Winter Formal!! Except there’s a few problems that come along with it.

There has been a very noticeable spiral of Covid cases with this winter and Omicron. It’s too cold to social distance outdoors but people can only be alone for so long. So how do you throw a dance then? Wearing masks is the best way to keep all of us safe while indoors but when we’re indoors, it tends to get very humid very fast and the masks are only going to keep us even warmer. But we can’t be outdoors or we’d all absolutely freeze our legs off! These problems are going to cause an abundance of absences from the formal. But, who knows? Maybe this will even help us social distance more and keep the raging temperature down.

If you’d like to go to Winter Formal, it is very recommended you do. If there’s one thing this Ranger want you to count on, it’s that they’ll give you the time of your life, no matter the circumstances and through cold and through viruses! This is also another reason to get your booster and all other vaccines if you’re eligible. According to CDC.GOV “63.6% of the U.S population [that] has been fully vaccinated*”. Woohoo!!

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